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St Joseph's Catholic Primary School


Our science curriculum covers the three main areas of learning - physical processes (physics), materials (chemistry) and life & living processes (biology).

Science lessons provide the perfect opportunity to stimulate and excite pupils’ curiosity and interest in the world. Practical science is an invaluable part of our science education. Through exploration, pupils develop their understanding and knowledge of ‘how’, ‘why’ and ‘what’ happens in science investigations. We also use school trips to enhance learning in this subject such as visiting the Science Museum, London Zoo, Chislehurst Caves as well as having scientific workshops in school.

Science Week takes place every year in our school and pupils experience a rich diversity of awe and wonder activities that fascinate and inspire. Professionals, including school governors, working in a scientific career are invited to speak to pupils during this week about what their job entails. These presentations help to plant the seed of aspiration very early on in childhood that science can lead to a wealth of exciting careers and great opportunities in later life.

Please click here for details of the National Curriculum for Science which we adhere to.

Please see below a long term plan of Science provision at St Joseph's.

science long term plan.pdf