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St Joseph's Catholic Primary School

Our Faith Leaders

Academic Year  2024/2023

On Friday 8th September we appointed our faith leaders for the coming academic year. Our faith leaders participate in whole school liturgy and help in leading the Catholic life of the school. Please keep then in your prayers.

Academic Year  2022/23



academic year  2021/22


On Monday 27th September, our newly elected Faith Leaders from Y1 - Y6 received a silver cross to wear as a symbol of their new role developing the spiritual life at St Joseph’s. Deacon Garry kindly blessed the crosses and said a prayer asking for God’s guidance during this academic year.

Spring Term 2022

We welcomed new Faith Leaders from EYFS to complete our spiritual team. They were chosen for demonstrating excellence in Religious Education. They were delighted to receive their silver crosses for this important role.

We are proud to have all these pupils support the school in developing our Catholic ethos during this academic year.