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St Joseph's Catholic Primary School


Our curriculum

At St Joseph's Catholic Primary School, we offer our pupils a broad and balanced curriculum which follows the requirements set out in the National Curriculum for England (2014). As far as possible, the content within this is taught through a number of well-planned themes in which teachers link aspects of the curriculum together in a meaningful way. Our curriculum is clearly structured to ensure every child is developing their core skills, experiencing a broad and rich curriculum as well as building excellent personal, social and emotional skills. 

Click here for further information on the National Curriculum which we adhere to:

Design and Technology
Art and Design

Thematic approach

We believe that teaching subject knowledge and skills as part of a wider theme allows pupils to make useful links between areas of learning, and consolidate knowledge and skills. We find that a thematic approach makes learning more connected and cohesive for our children.


Our curriculum creates meaningful links between the children’s learning, for example through cross-curricular writing in English, humanities and creative arts. Where appropriate, we also make links to learning in science. Some learning occurring outside of the thematic approach; mathematics tends to be taught independently as do subjects such as physical education, science and music. Overlapping of skills and knowledge ensures coherence in learning takes place where appropriate and relevant. Our local context in Bromley, London, inspires many aspects of our curriculum as does the exciting, diverse community around and within our school.


Our vision and values

In all parts of school life, in lessons and beyond, our curriculum is critical in ensuring personal values and positive learning attitudes are promoted alongside that of academic excellence and achievements. Our school values fit with our approach to promoting British values in school:







Reviewing our curriculum

As part of our continuous curriculum review at St Joseph’s, we are working to ensure that our curriculum is ambitious for all pupils. Our aim is to further develop:

  • a curriculum that is coherently planned and sequenced
  • a curriculum that is successfully adapted, designed and developed for pupils with special educational needs and/or disabilities
  • a curriculum that is broad and balanced for all pupils